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19 Apr

Greening a Home

Architecture by Dan Brannon


If you’re thinking about building a new green home or remodeling your current home to be more green, then check out these helpful tips and tricks from our featured article in Boulder Home and Garden Magazine here.


25 Mar

Creative Excellence

Architecture by Dan Brannon


We’ve been featured in the latest edition of Niwot Country Living Magazine, pick up a copy or check out the article here.
04 Mar

Power Down

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Check out the latest edition of the 5280 Home magazine. Scott Rodwin and other professionals have been featured giving homeowners some tips to make their homes more energy efficient. 5280 Featured Article


23 Dec

Happy Holidays!

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Happy Holidays from all of us here at                                           Rodwin Architecture + Skycastle Construction!                                 (Click thumbnail images to see what we’ve                                   been up to this year!)

Download (PDF, 526.94KB)



30 Nov

TV Interview

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Skycastle Construction & Rodwin Architecture were recently featured in an interview with CNTV, with in-depth questions on the firm’s philosophy and capabilities. Check out the full interview here. CNTV SNAPSHOT


27 Oct

Art Box

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Rodwin Architecture’s Art Box was recently featured in Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine. Grab a copy or visit the website to find out more about this unique home! Home and Garden Cover


27 Oct

Art by Architects

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Principal Scott Rodwin has been an artist pretty much his whole life.  Now you can see some of his work at three free public shows in November:

  • Rembrandt Yard – 17 of Scott’s modern abstract paintings in a two man show.  Opening reception Wed., Nov. 11th, 1301 Spruce St, Boulder CO.
  • Art by Architects show – Artwork by 13 Colorado Architects. Opening reception Thurs. Nov. 5th, 5-8pm; @ U. of Colorado, College of Architecture, 1250, 14th Street, Denver, 2nd flr. Gallery. Proceeds benefit the AIA Architectural Education Foundation scholarship program.
  • Vilona Art Gallery“Small Works Juried Art Show” featuring 3 of Scott’s beautiful translucent Italian alabaster sculptures among 200 works by 63 local artists, Opening reception Nov. 6th, 6-8pm. 1815 Pearl St, Boulder CO.

Art makes a great Christmas/Hanukah gift!

Splash 2


23 Oct

Boulder Politics- A Message from Scott

Architecture by Dan Brannon


For those of you who live in Boulder, here is a quick voting guide.  Please feel free to forward it around. I get involved in local politics and planning policy because it has dramatic impacts on all our lives.  My main criteria for these recommendations are environmental and social responsibility.Please vote NO on ballot issue #300 & 301. They have deceptively innocuous and reasonable sounding names, but their impacts will be quite negative.300 – Neighborhood right to vote – divides Boulder into 60+ neighborhoods, all of which are interested in keeping “unwanted” projects in someone else’s backyard – it allows just 10% of any neighborhood to force an expensive vote on any proposed upzoning. The delay, expense and uncertainty it adds will in effect kill all affordable housing projects forever (including co-ops and cohousing).301 – Development shall pay its own way – It already does.  Boulder already has some of the highest development fees in the region.  Proponents claim that developers will simply reduce their profits to pay for the extra fees, but in reality we know that all costs flow through to the end purchaser/renter, making the cost of living in Boulder even higher.  Additionally, independent reviewers of the proposal agree that the vague language of this ballot will stop all development in its tracks (potentially for years) as the fee formulas are hashed out in courts.Both 300& 301 will have the direct impact on cutting off supply of housing, which will accelerate already skyrocketing prices.  If you care about affordable housing, please vote NO on 300 & 301.Lastly, Sierra Club, the Urban Land Institute, the American Planning Association and every other national planning organization in the country agree that concentrating new development in currently developed areas is the preferred location because:

  1. Reduces urban sprawl and the habitat destruction that comes with it.
  2. Promotes the use of alternative modes of transit.
  3. Reduces the size and energy consumption of dwelling units and the carbon footprint per capital associated with each dwelling unit.

So if you care about the environment, please vote no on 300 & 301.

There are five open seats on City Council this year.  The folks I am voting for and supporting are:

Bob Yates — Former Chairman of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. He’s an all around great guy and community member. He’s a former exec turned non-profit leader.

Aaron Brockett — Already a strong, independent voice of reason on the Planning Board, focused on land use, Open Space, the arts, and transportation. He is a dad, lives in the Holiday neighborhood, is a balanced and reasoned voice on Planning Board. He is amazing.

Jan Burton — Jan is an intelligent and kind person who listens well. She brings refreshing perspective as a long-time tech executive, now focused on creative housing solutions and inclusive leadership.

Bill Rigler — A young, strong voice from a former international aid expert turned Naropa executive, with an emphasis on encouraging our entrepreneurial economy.

Tim Plass — An independent voice on Council for restraint and moderation, and a leader on economic policy and land use.

If you’re interested in learning more about these folks you can see their answers to Open Boulder’s questionnaire (and those of all the candidates) here:



Boulder city logo
11 Sep

Preparing for El Nino

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Resilient home design has always been important, yet more frequent and severe weather events give homeowners a reason to strengthen their defenses at home. To find out more, look into this article from Time to Build featuring tips from Scott Rodwin about what you can do to protect your own home or business. El Nino Pattern
25 Aug

Gunung Mas Ranch – Colorado Homes Magazine

Architecture by Dan Brannon


Gunung Mas Ranch was recently featured in the August 2015 issue of Colorado Homes Magazine! With huge windows to even bigger views, ample deck space to facilitate indoor/outdoor living, and truly sustainable construction techniques, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss. Gunung Mas Ranch
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